16.06.2014|WDR Weltweit - Myth Peladão - The beauty queen and the soccer players in the Amazon

Before the World Cup in Brazil, people play in the Amazon city of Manaus their own World Cup: the Peladão, the biggest amateur soccer tournament in the world. 700 teams compete for victories and recognition. Carsten Upadek and Timo Gramer accompanied two teams during four months, for the WDR documentary series "Weltweit".

Barbara, for example, trained hard: she seeks for success in sports - but also at work and in love. All in all, it is not easy for her because women, who play soccer in Brazil have to fight against prejudice. Jessica, however, supports her team as a beauty queen. At Peladão, she is like the Joker for her soccer team. But it could be that the success of Manoel’s team from the jungle just depends from a woman. AURA FILM has co-produced the film.

WDR Weltweit (April, 08, 2014, at 22.00)
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